Play Vietlott Power 6/55 lottery bags to win many prize

Who doesn't want to play lottery, the chance of winning will be higher and more likely to win, right? The game was born to serve the purpose of such people. If you want to play easier, in addition to carefully calculating the numbers that can reach the benchmark, you need to research more about buying a large number of easy-to-hit numbers.

And if this is in your interest, the article below that we bring to you can help you feel satisfied and find the information in a most interesting way. Join VIETLOTT to find out how to play Power 6/55 now.

How to play Power 6/55 mean?

For Power 6/55 games, there is a cover form of its own. When playing a Power 6/55 case, you will be rewarded with more than 6 pairs of numbers in a sequence. This gives players the fun and extremely satisfied because obviously, in a draw, they will be more likely to win. There are many different types of bags, such as bags 9, 7, 5 ... and most are 15 and 18-digit bags. This is equivalent to choosing for yourself in this period, you will bet on 5 pairs of numbers, 7, 9 or 15, 18 pairs of numbers.

This type of formula is quite simple, but when it comes to many people find it complicated and difficult to play, they do not want to try it. But trust us. Once you have tried playing this game, you will find that this method of playing the pack is extremely worth it for you to trust and try it yourself, experience, research better at playing Power 6/55.

Details of winning prizes for each type of Power 6/55 bags
For each Power 6/55 game, we will give you more details about the prizes you receive so you can refer to them. This will be the award you get when you hit these numbers, so please consult carefully to make the most appropriate choice.

With 5-digit cover

When you choose to play Power 6/55 style of bag 5, you will win 200,000 VND if you win 2 numbers. The prize amount increased to VND 3,850,000 for 3 numbers and 104 million for 4 numbers. When you win 4 numbers and the bonus number, you will win Jackpot 2 * x2 and 24 million. When you win 5 numbers, the prize money quickly increases to Jackpot 1 *, Jackpot 2 * and 1,920 billion VND.

With 7-digit cover

The bonus you will receive is 200,000 VND if you win 3 numbers. The number increases to 1.7 million and 82.5 million for you when you win 4 or 5 numbers. And if you win 5 numbers together with the bonus, you will get 42.5 million and 2 Jackpot *. When you win 6 numbers, the number you get is VND 240 million with the Jackpot 1 * prize. And if you are lucky enough to win 6 numbers and a bonus number, you will receive Jackpot 1 * and Jackpot 2 * prizes.

With bags of 15 numbers

When you win 3.4 or 5 numbers, you will receive 11 million, 60.5 million and 572.5 million, respectively. When you win 5 numbers and bonus number, you will receive Jackpot 2 and 532.5 million. If you win 6 numbers, you get a Jackpot of 1 * and 2.51 billion. More specifically, when playing Power 6/55 and winning 6 extra numbers with bonus Number, you will get Jackpot 1 *, Jackpot 2 * and 2.27 billion.

With a bag of 18 numbers

The 18-digit case is considered the easiest winner for this way of playing Power 6/55 bags. This is understandable because you also need to spend an amount of money that is not low to own these 18 numbers. But believe us, once you have won the big prize, you will find that, the amount of hundreds of millions of dollars you spend is completely worth your choice to play. If you win 3, 4, 5 or 6 numbers, the amount you receive in turn will be 22.75 million; 118.3 million, 858 million and 1 * + Jackpot combo of 3.59 billion.

If you win 5 numbers and a bonus number, you get 818 million and a Jackpot 2. When you win the highest number: 6 numbers and a bonus number, you will get 2 jackpot 1 and jackpot 2, in addition to 3 , 35 billion dong. Needless to say, this level of award is extremely worthy for you to refer and challenge yourself, right?

In fact, there have been many people playing the Power 6/55 case and winning huge prizes. Science has proven that this method of playing the bag helps you get closer to the prize much faster than you play with the usual methods.

So please refer to this article immediately to be able to find yourself the easiest way to play. I wish you success and do not forget to help VIETLOTT.ME share this article to everyone around, because you can absolutely play as a group again.